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Blower Assemblies

Parts Packages
Parts Packages consist of a Direct Drive or Belt Drive wheel, housing, and cutoff. Parts Packages may include legs and are ready for customer installation of the motor and other components.

Blowers consist of a Belt Drive wheel, housing, cutoff, shaft and bearing frame with bearing. Blowers may include legs.

Blower Assemblies
Blower assemblies consist of a Direct Drive wheel, housing, cutoff, and motor. Blower assemblies may include a capacitor, legs, or other accessories such as labels, limit switches, etc.

Housings are fabricated from G90 galvanized steel and are available in Regular or Tight configuration to match the application requirement.

Regular housings provide the best performance when available space allows their use. Tight housings are used in restricted space applications, usually with a performance penalty. Housings can accommodate either direct or belt drive wheel configurations. They can be supplied with special mounting holes and other modifications for special mounting requirements.

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