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Supply Chain Management

Morrison Products, Inc. has been and continues to be a leader in the HVACR industry. For a century we have provided quality solutions to our customers which is possible through the important relationships developed and maintained with our suppliers.

Current suppliers are evaluated on a quarterly basis using a scorecard which measures Quality, Delivery, Cost Management, Environmental Practices and Social Responsibility. All suppliers are expected to be reputable organizations who are committed to ethical standards and business practices compatible with Morrison Products, Inc.

New suppliers are evaluated on their Financial Strength, Reputation in the Marketplace, Competitiveness, Location to Morrison Products Inc. facilities, Availability, and Evidence of Social and Environmental Practices.
Each quarter the Supply Chain Department issues supplier scorecards in accordance with our Standard Procedures. Details of the scoring metrics are provided to approved supplies upon approval and inclusion in our Approved Supplier list. Suppliers are reviewed on their ability to meet key performance indicators in the following categories.


Quality Requirements

The Supplier shall be responsible for ensuring that all products are delivered in a manner where they will have no defects, including defects caused by delivery. It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure proper packaging and delivery methods are chosen to not cause any damages after the product leaves their facility. Quality is measured using parts per million (PPM) metrics.

Delivery Requirements

It is the obligation of the supplier to deliver on time and within the specified quantity. When an order is received, Morrison Products expects the supplier will deliver product or services no later than the date identified on the order. Dates on purchase orders are the date the product or service is expected to be delivered at the Delivery Address. If the requirements cannot be met in full, the supplier is to give advanced notification of the change as soon as it is identified, communication is essential.

Cost Management

Morrison Products, Inc. works closely with our suppliers to ensure we are cost competitive in our industry. This is achieved through close relationships with strategic suppliers. As we evaluate suppliers on a quarterly basis, we award points for cost improvements that leads to a total lower landed cost.

Environmental Practices and Social Responsibility

All suppliers are expected to have a policy in place that requires responsible environmental practices. Suppliers are also expected to promote equal opportunity employment and community welfare practices. Evidence for either category may be requested from time to time. Examples of evidence may include an EICC form for adherence to the Dodd-Frank Act regarding Conflict Minerals, REACH and/or RoHS certificates, ISO certification, or other.


If you wish to be considered for inclusion as an Approved Supplier, submit an inquiry using the contact form below. Please provide relevant information about your industry and narrative about why you feel you are a good fit for our organization.

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