• What Makes Us Different?

    We pride ourselves on our Product Quality, Flexible Manufacturing Process, Timely Delivery and Low Cost.

    More than anything, we are proud of the emphasis we place on providing unparalleled service to our customers.

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  • Fan Selection Program

    Our custom designed program allows you to login 24/7, input the specifications you need and identify the exact product that best meets your needs.

    We make it easy to find what you need. Try it today.

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  • Testing & Analysis

    Are your airflow numbers being achieved? Are you getting the efficiency you need? Let our team test, analyze and help you meet your goals.

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  • Delivery

    We tailor delivery systems that utilize Morrison’s regional plants and flexible manufacturing processes to deliver what our customers require.

    You can be sure that your orders will arrive with the quantities desired, in environmentally friendly packaging, directly to the point of use.

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Backward Curved Impellers

From catalog to custom solution, Morrison Products is the most trusted name in Air Movement Technology.

  • Better System Effeciency
  • Lower profile
  • Higher Static Capability