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Who We Are

We are a family-owned and operated company with a continuous improvement culture designed to bring out the best in our employees professionally and personally!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Harry Holmes Image

Harry Holmes
Chairman of the Board

Megan Fellinger Photo

Megan Fellinger
President & Chief Executive Officer

Anne Schuerger Image

Anne Schuerger
Senior Vice President


John Bencko
Vice President/CFO

Mike Chapman

Mike Chapman
Vice President Manufacturing

Brad Dill Image

Brad Dill
Vice President Sales

Mike Hackett Image

Mike Hackett
Vice President Human Resources

Greg Wagner Image

Greg Wagner
Vice President Engineering

Vince Brown Image

Vince Brown
Director of Sales

Juan Carlos González Rosas

Juan Carlos González Rosas
Director of Operations

Dan Hake Image

Dan Hake
Director of Engineering

Meet a Few of Our Team Members

Shunta Hamby Photo

"Morrison’s has always been a company that is a leader in their field but more than that they have always been a company who cares about their employee’s and treat them like family." - Shunta Hamby

Israel Sanchez Photo

“Morrison Products has allowed me to develop in my professional life, and at the same time providing that perfect balance between my work and personal life. I am just happy and thankful to be part of this family.” - Israel Sanchez

Watch our team members at our Cleveland location in action by watching this short welcome video.